I believe everyone needs to hear several songs of Anwar’s. Anwar is truly a hidden gem that needs more recognition from the masses. Anwar has tons of local fans and so on. Anwar is the deep-voice force to be reckoned with on all of his tracks. CF first discovered Anwar at Crash Bash 2, a line up of performances hosted by JORDYTHECRASHKID. Anwar is not only a rapper but one of the best performers CF has come to know. Anwar has several songs that make people move their bodies to the rhythms of his beats and synced with a Depp mysterious voice. CF has a top list of Anwar’s songs that deserve a listen. 

Top List

Loner 2 Stoner


Rolling Stones

No Man's Land






Making this list was extremely hard. Everyone within CF believes that most of his songs deserve a thorough listen and even a replay. Anwar is another Elevator Music veteran with several songs and music videos taking space on their platform. He even has appearances with another Elevator Music veteran and friend Matty Wood$. Do not sleep on Anwar is all we can say. Go check out this man’s content because he is one of the best doing it right now and his tape Genesis is very intriguing. If you are into melodic beats and vocals Anwar is the man you are looking for.  After listening to his music you may get a sense of thinking he is very chill and laid back, we got the chance to meet him and we can confirm this notion. Do yourself a favor and listen to Anwar. 

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