I’ve been dying to write about someone such as a Blaatina. For the first time in a long time, I am actually excited to follow and look forward to more content from a female rapper.


You can tell her bars and flow are authentic and not replicated from others already within the industry. This raw uncut feel from Blaatina’s lyrics paired with a causal but fierce voice creates euphoric songs.


Blaatina is one of those rappers that can tell you what is real all while laid back from the tone in her voice.


She is not one to be played with based on the character seen within each of her music videos.

I am not the only one that praises Blaatina in such ways. All three of her recent music videos have been placed on WORLDSTARHIPHOP for literally millions to indulge.

I respect her hustle and hope that she continues with her own creativity and originality in and out of the studio.

Culture Fiend looks forward to further content from Blaatina.


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