I discovered DeathByRomy as I casually scrolled through Elevator Music’s youtube page. I truly believe she is one of the first female singers I have noticed on the page.


If you combined a little goth, heart brake music, with a rap undertone, you have music from DeathByRomy. These days, the music industry lacks distinguishable female artists and DeathByRomy is here to change this precedent.


With two music videos liked and posted by Elevator Music, DeathByRomy will become a familiar face within the music community. (DeathWish exceeding over 230k views)

I have yet to see or hear someone with such a uniquely dark feel towards style as well as lyrical content. DeathByRomy has the best contrast of a gentle voice amongst hard beats that’ll slap you across your face period. The editing style used in her videos keeps you interested as in what is to come next.

She is a very mysterious individual who can catch you by surprise with her lyrics and look alone. Everyone here at Culture Fiend is curious but excited to see future work from DeathByRomy.


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