Dre Vegas or Bad Day Dre? If these names are not familiar to you then you made a grave mistake. Dre is one St. Louis’s best videographers and entertainers period. Dre has a strong resume with shooting videos for his close friend Comethazine, and plenty others.


Culture Fiend first met both Dre and Comethazine at Crash Bash 1, sets of performances hosted by JORDYTHECRASHKID. Little did we know just how much Dre had his hand in at the time, but now it is amazing to have known him and see his progression as a videographer and artist. So many people fell in love with his track ADD and I can guarantee you will too.  ADD was filmed by Greg Garibay (@shotbybay), but edited by Dre himself.

Dre has a defining technique with both rap and videography. Dre also has had another song and video, I Like To Think I Know, featured on Elevator music.

This isn’t his only debut on Elevator because he has done numbers with his video Might Cop a Jag with Comethazine.

Dre has so much talent that you can not miss out on. You can expect a tape coming soon like I said Dre is someone you have to keep an eye on because he is moments from blowing up.


I asked Dre personally what would you want people to hear from you if they read this, and he said, “Well I hope you like it.” Simple words from a complex man. Check back soon for more content with Dre.

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